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Do you focus on the right thing?

In both the coaching and consulting environments I am often approached by individuals or organisations to support them in resolving a particular issue confronting them.  A foremost question in my mind is always, “Are they focussed on the right thing?” The tendency is for people to focus on the issue or behaviours that are right in […]

Performance Plans , Personal Development Plans and Performance Reviews

Why is it that getting performance planning, personal development planning and performance reviews to work is so hard? In the past few days I had a discussion with a high level senior executive service manager responsible for human resource management for a large public sector organisation.  He was expressing frustration about the unwillingness of people, […]

Helping People Through Change

A few days ago I attended a meeting of fellow members of the International Coach Federation in Canberra and got into discussion with a colleague about challenges she was facing in supporting people through organisational change.  She was expressing surprise at how difficult it was to get people to let go and move forward to new […]

Internal Audit’s Role (an Audit Committee perspective)

In the past week I participated in a Keynote Panel Discussion for the Annual Public Sector Internal Audit Conference in Canberra, run by the Institute of Internal Auditors. The subject for the panel discussion was ‘Establishing Risk Tolerance – The Audit Committee Perspective’.  During discussion I was asked what it is I seek from internal audit, in my capacity […]

Is it Useful?

This post has been inspired by three recent conversations in which I have posed the question “Is it useful?” and had senior managers in three different organisations look startled and then uncertain. I was taught the value of this ‘Useful’ question several years ago by my Director of Communications.  At the time we had quite […]