Coaching support is provide to clients in a range of ways and mainly in the areas of:

  • Executive coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Personal life coaching

Clients include individuals and teams in the APS, in not-for-profit organisations and in private enterprise.   I also work with private individuals seeking support in achieving personal life goals and commonly find that people seeking coaching support in a business context also use the coaching relationship to help achieve personal life goals.

In every case my objective is to support individuals to achieve their full potential in whatever areas of business and personal life they choose to focus on.

How the Coaching Works

There is no fixed coaching model.  Some clients want a very structured program, where we work in an intense way, meeting regularly, to achieve a goal or goals over a defined period.  Some clients want to meet occasionally, to work with me as an independent and trusted confidant on particular issues, or wicked problems, as they arise. My objective is to structure coaching arrangements to meet each individual’s needs.

Typically the approach, whether we are working on a specific issue for one coaching session or an intense program over several weeks or months, is to first establish very clearly the coaching agreement. That is, what does the coachee want to achieve out of the session or program.  With clarity around the goal(s) we then work through the current reality, explore alternatives, put in place strategies to achieve the goal(s) and specific actions.  My aim is to support clients achieve clarity around realistic and achievable goals and then keep on track to achieve their desired outcomes.  This may necessitate review of the goals, strategies and actions as we go.

Coaching will involve me sharing ideas, models and approaches that may be valuable.  Coaching will involve me being your accountability partner and checking in with you on progress, at times this can feel tough.  Coaching may involve, where I observe behavioural styles or habits that could be hindering a coachee in achieving goals, sharing those observations in the safety of a trusting and supportive coaching relationship.

Coaching Credentials

I trained with Results Coaching Systems whose coaching methodologies draw on findings in neuroscience, adult learning, systems and change theory. I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and all of my coaching is practiced consistent with the ICF Competencies of Coaching.

To complement the substantial career experience and professional training I bring to coaching, I have also invested in gaining accreditation as a qualified practitioner in the use of several strengths based diagnostic tools such as: Human Synergistics Behavioural Life Style Inventory Model™;  Human Synergistics Leadership/Impact Model®; and the PRISM Business Brain Mapping model.  These tools can be valuable in helping individuals: analyse their strengths and areas for further development; understand the impact of different leadership or behavioural styles; and understand how well certain occupational roles fit with their preferred behavioural style and capabilities.

Testimonials can be provided on request.


All coaching conversations are entirely confidental.

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