Through Business WIDE Jeremy Chandler and his business associates provide consulting support to organisations across a range of areas.  These include:

Audit Committee support

Jeremy Chandler has extensive experience as a member and independent member of audit committees. He brings technical financial management expertise to these roles drawing on his professional qualifications as a FCPA member of CPA Australia and his practical experience as Chief Financial Officer for three organisations. Jeremy also brings valuable experience in the development of major financial and business systems, in the development and administration of accounting policy within the Department of Finance, experience within internal audit and as a former Department of Finance Adviser to the Joint Parliamentary Committee of Public Accounts.

Jeremy brings much more than just financial management expertise to audit committee roles.   He has substantial experience in a wide range of areas of public administration including in strategic leadership and management of all corporate and governance functions.

Corporate governance policy and advice

Jeremy Chandler has substantial experience in developing and delivering governance management frameworks and systems within the Australian Government. This includes as a member of the Accounting Policy Branch of the Department of Finance, as Chief Financial Officer for three organisations and as Chief Operating Officer for two.  In his Chief Operating Officer roles Jeremy had oversight of all corporate functions including internal audit, governance and legal services. Jeremy has served as chair or as a member of many executive boards and key governance committees.

Business planning, performance management and programme review

We have substantial experience developing rigorous business planning and performance management systems which deliver useful, accurate and timely information to executive boards and managers at all levels. Our emphasis is on the delivery of systems that provide clear line of sight from whole of organisation objectives down through business units to each individual.

We also have experience in programme and project review and evaluation.  Jeremy Chandler assists with Gateway Reviews, of major programs, as an accredited Gateway Reviewer for the Australian Government Department of Finance and the West Australian Government Department of Finance.

Independent Trusted Adviser

This is a role we provide to organisations and coaching clients across a range of subject areas.  With our extensive experience working with organisations, particularly in public sector jurisdictions, we are well placed to provide a confidential source of advice and support to clients who are seeking an independent and trusted source of counsel to assist them in dealing with sensitive or unfamiliar situations, or in dealing with wicked problems.

Meeting and workshop facilitation

We have considerable experience facilitating meetings, focus groups and workshops for clients.  A particular area of specialisation is facilitating business planning workshops.

All of the above services can be provided by Business WIDE individually or in partnership with our business associates.

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