Life Styles Inventory Behavioural and Leadership Strengths Diagnostic

The purpose of this post is to provide some insight to how the Life Styles Inventory ™ (LSI) developed by Human Synergistics International can assist individuals in measuring their level of effectiveness in the work place.

THE LSI is one of a number of diagnostic tools available to test behavioural styles and strengths.  In my experience working with leadership teams and individual coaches it is one of the most valuable in terms of the insights it provides.

The LSI measures an individual’s effectiveness based on 12 specific styles of thinking, behaving and interacting. The 12 styles are categorized into Constructive Styles (blue), Passive/Defensive Styles (green) and Aggressive/Defensive Styles (red).  As well as giving a measure of behaviours against each of these styles the Circumplex also identifies preferences between those who are Task or People Centred and those who driven more by Satisfaction or Security needs. The 12 styles are mapped onto a circumplex as indicated in the following diagram.

Circumplex Slide

The LSI is typically completed in two parts:

.    The LSI 1 involves the individual completing a questionnaire which measures the thoughts and attitudes that motivate their behaviour (this alone is valuable in that it provides a framework to think about how you, as an individual, operate);

.    The LSI 2 involves a 360 degree feedback assessment that provides feedback on how your behaviours are interpreted by others and therefore, the impact of those behaviours on colleagues and others in your work environment.  The 360 typically involves seeking feedback from at least a direct supervisor, a couple of peers and a couple of subordinates.  It can be configured in different ways, involving more people, a different mix of people and can include, for example, clients external to the organisation.

The LSI process delivers a number of benefits including:

.    a greater self-understanding of behavioural styles;

.    an understanding (through the LSI 2) of the impact your behaviours have on others;

.    through both of the above, an improved ability to work with others in your team or with clients; and

.    a basis for setting an action plan to build on existing strengths and/or areas for development.

Where the LSI is used over an extended period and at a team or organisational level it also enables individuals to assess the impact of changes in behavioural styles they adopt.  Many organisations use the LSI in this way to help drive cultural change including elements of the Department of Defence and Lion Nathan.

As with other diagnostic tools, the use of LSI widely in an organisation also has the advantage of creating a language around behaviours and their impact which team players all understand.

Where I have used the LSI with individuals and across senior leadership teams it has been highly valuable and influential in enabling changes of behaviour and improvements in organisational culture.  Many individuals have found the insights it has provided for them to be profound with some reflecting that it has had a positive career changing impact.

The LSI is just one of the tools offered by Human Synergistics that are valuable in individual development, improved team dynamics and whole of organizational culture change.  Please get in contact if you would like more information on tools that are available and how they can assist you.

Images:  The above image is the copyright property of Human Synergistics International and has been reproduced here with their permission.

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